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The Permanent Deacon was first instituted by the Apostles (Acts 6: 1-6) as a stable, permanent ministry of diaconia.

By the 5th Century he had disappeared from the Western Church. This Sacred Order of Permanent Deacon was restored in the Catholic Church by the Second Vatican Council which took place in Rome from 1962 to 1965. Both Pope St. Paul VI and Pope Francis called it the restoration of the original Deacon to the Apostles. The Permanent Deacon had been absent from the Church for approximately 1500 years.

Who is a Permanent Deacon

A married or single man who has been through; a period of approved spiritual, academic, pastoral, liturgical and human formation, a process of screening, a psychometric evaluation and has been accepted by his local ordinary, that is, the Bishop, and has been ordained, that is, received the Sacrament of Holy Orders, by the Bishop to the Sacred Order of Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church.

Criteria needed to become a Permanent Deacon

The man who aspires to become a Permanent Deacon is one who has a genuine calling to serve and not be served nor is he seeking the status of being a member of the clergy. If a single man becomes a Deacon he is bound to remain celibate and cannot marry. If a married man becomes a Deacon he is bound to celibacy if he becomes a widower. The minimum age of ordination to the order of Permanent Deacon is 35 years old. Since the formation programme is at least 5 years, a man may commence formation anytime after the age of 30 years old but not later than 60 years old.


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A Deacon’s Reflection is by Deacon Greg Garnie of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, South Africa. Permanent Deacons is from the Congregation for Catholic Education & the Congregation for the Clergy.

Both books are available from Pauline’s Catholic Bookshop in Kensington, Johannesburg. A Deacon’s Reflection is also available from Amazon.com in paperback and kindle form.


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