Year 0

Propaedeutic phase “Understanding the Order of Permanent Deacon” (Board of Deacons).
Compulsory reading “A Deacon’s Reflection” and “Permanent Deacons”

Years 1 – 2

Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies (St. Augustine College) – ALL modules

Years 3 – 4

Higher Certificate in Theology (T.E.E.C.) – Modules: 45900, 45111, 45121, 45931, 45941, 45951, 45961, 45969, 45978, 45979 (10 modules)

Year 5

Practical training & lectures (Board of Deacons)

The course offered by St. Augustine College is internet based and the course offered by the Theological Education by Extension College is courier based. The aspirant can also study at his own pace and the time frame given above for each certificate is a guideline as each aspirant will cover the course work according to their personal schedule. It should be stressed however, that the longer the aspirant takes to complete the higher certificate courses the longer he takes to get to his final year of practical training and lectures.


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A Deacon’s Reflection is by Deacon Greg Garnie of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, South Africa. Permanent Deacons is from the Congregation for Catholic Education & the Congregation for the Clergy.

Both books are available from Pauline’s Catholic Bookshop in Kensington, Johannesburg. A Deacon’s Reflection is also available from in paperback and kindle form.